Located in Astoria, the new cultural hub and hot spot of New York City, Cienna embodies the atmosphere of both an intimate eatery and a high energy lounge. Contrary to its local counterparts, Cienna is able to fuse the electric nightlife of a Manhattan lounge with a unique dining experience.

Close attention was paid to every detail to ensure Cienna has a one of a kind appeal. Our lounge is adorned with tufted leather sofas which seem to be etched out of an endless wall creating modern sleek curves that accent the entire room. Soft flowing curtains encompass a carefully carved masterpiece concealing our secluded dining room. This intimate setting allows guests to enjoy high-end dining while being only an armís length away from all the action. Modern LED lighting adds to the surreal aura of our venue accenting the countless hours that have been spent creating the ambience of this quintessential ultra-lounge.

Friday Night - THEO